4th Dimension Innovative Marketing, Inc. Ditches Bad Habits

Have you kept your New Year’s resolutions? Our 4th Dimension Innovative Marketing, Inc. team recently discovered a statistic indicating that most people abandon their resolutions within two weeks. The problem generally stems from trying to implement change the wrong way. This is especially true when it comes to ditching bad habits. Let’s look at some tips for making resolutions stick.

  • Do It Slowly: One of the worst ways our 4th Dimension Innovative Marketing, Inc. associates can think of to change a bad habit is to go cold turkey. In other words, it’s not a good idea to abruptly stop the behavior completely. Instead, try to implement change little by little. For example, if oversleeping is your bad habit, wake up a minute earlier each day. In one month, you’ll be up 30 minutes earlier.
  • Identify Difficult Moments: Is there a time of day during which you engage most heavily in forbidden activities? For example, are you more probable to devour an entire box of confections in the late afternoon? Our 4th Dimension Innovative Marketing, Inc. professionals recommend that you consider what triggers your habit at this particular time. If it’s low blood sugar, incorporate a snack with more complex carbohydrates. If it’s energy related, take a brisk walk.
  • Have an Accountability Partner: If you truly want to stick to your plans, ask someone you trust to hold you to them.

With these suggestions, it is possible to stick to resolutions and reprogram your bad habits.

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