4th Dimension Innovative Marketing, Inc.’s Captivating Strategy

Successful companies are changing the way they speak with the outside world – shifting from “marketing” to “mattering.” To do this, 4th Dimension Innovative Marketing, Inc. helps develop our clients into brands worth caring about by speaking directly to their audience through various touch points worth experiencing. 4th Dimension specializes in branding through business-to-consumer direct marketing. This takes out the middle man of indirect marketing and allows us to personalize client promotions diverse consumer markets. The effectiveness of our campaigns and business model has created a huge return on investment for clients, causing high demand for more of our expert services locally and nationally.






Brand Management & Recognition

Our aim is to create personalized campaigns that generate brand awareness to surge and improve bottom line numbers as a result. We work closely with our clients to gear their brand’s personality and messaging to its target audience. This positions you to stand out from competitors and build a solid relationship with consumers.

Customer Acquisition & Retention

Unlike indirect marketing, we take a face-to-face approach to bridge the gap between our clients and their ideal consumer. This builds our clients’ loyal consumer base, as well as the frequency at which consumers choose our clients over a competitor.

Mass Outreach

In just weeks, our talented team members develop and launch unforgettable and far-reaching marketing and sales initiatives suited specifically to any client needs.

Targeted Messaging

In today’s world information spreads across the globe in mere seconds. That’s why we focus on creating outreach marketing and sales campaigns that influence targeted markets and reach ideal consumers instantly.

Rewarding Atmosphere

Our office environment at 4th Dimension Innovative Marketing, Inc. is energetic. We provide our associates with abundant opportunities to learn and grow in their careers. Our team enjoys a supportive and fun atmosphere that is conducive to innovation. Multiple travel incentives, contests, and team nights add to the excitement.

Proven Approach

We’ve created an outreach approach that effectively taps into new markets and delivers faster ROIs.