Anthony Receives Well-Deserved Recognition

We understand the motivating power of team member recognition here at 4th Dimension Innovative Marketing HQ. Our entire team seems to step up their performance when one of our associates earns the spotlight. Today, it’s Anthony who has put himself in position to be highlighted for excellence on the job.

“Anthony is at the point in his career where he is building his own team,” stated Leatha, the head of our firm’s HR department. “He has excelled so much within our business that the student has now become the teacher. Anthony knows how to thrive in our industry, which is why he’s well equipped to train and mentor his own team to sustained success.”

A major aspect of Anthony’s success is his commitment to improving his skill set. Leatha remarked, “We’ve watched Anthony enhance his unique strengths since coming to 4th Dimension Innovative Marketing. One reason he’s such a good leader is that his enthusiasm is contagious, especially when it comes to learning new things.”

Anthony also sets the right example by clarifying his goals and then tracking his progress toward reaching them. By doing so, he shows us the importance of attaching actionable steps to the ultimate outcomes we want to achieve.

We’re ready to watch Anthony lead his team members to big wins for our company and the businesses we represent. To find out more about our culture, follow us on Linkedin

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