A Helpful Networking To-Do List

Through our 4th Dimension Innovative Marketing networking efforts, we’ve learned that a few simple techniques tend to pay off handsomely. Here are the basic strategies we always keep in mind when we’re working to expand our contact lists.

Perhaps the most important thing to remember in a networking situation is that quality always trumps quantity. It simply doesn’t do much good to collect dozens of business cards while having only fleeting conversations with the people who gave them to you. We set a goal to forge meaningful connections with just a handful of people at every big event we attend.

Speaking of setting goals, that’s another hallmark of our 4th Dimension Innovative Marketing networking exploits. Along with a certain number of new contacts, we also do research to clarify our objectives even further. If we find out who will be attending an event, we can look them up on LinkedIn to get some background information that will aid our connecting efforts.

We also make a habit of asking how we can help anyone we connect with at an industry gathering. Rather than ask for some kind of favor right off the bat, we set the tone for a mutually beneficial relationship. This ensures that we’re remembered in the best possible light.

These simple techniques help us build diverse networks of helpful allies.

Drastic and Measurable Results