Investing Into Collaborative Culture With Team Nights

Fostering a collaborative environment at 4th Dimension Innovative Marketing has helped us to fuel lasting success. We are always on the lookout for new ways to bring our group closer together and to develop trust. To that end, we regularly host team nights to provide our people with opportunities to socialize outside the typical work setting.

Leatha, our head of human resources, says of our next event, “We are all going out as a team for the new year! We are going to get dinner and just bond as a group. What better way to ring in the new year than to celebrate with your friends and colleagues? Team nights are very important to us and we love to all bond away from the office.”

Success in the customer acquisition industry requires innovation. Cohesion is essential to enabling group innovation. So, hosting dinners, bowling, happy hours, and other such activities is an investment into the future of 4th Dimension Innovative Marketing.

Building a great culture takes time and effort. The key to creating a positive workplace is consistency. Regularly holding team nights and other activities that support cohesion is the key to making collaboration a center point of our culture.

We are excited for our upcoming team dinner and the energy it will bring to our office. Find more about 4th Dimension Innovative Marketing’s culture by checking out our Facebook.

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