Every 4th Dimension Innovative Marketing professional offers immense value to our team. Each of us has unique perspectives, ideas, and talents. By combining them strategically, we produce the winning campaigns for which we’re so well known.

We know recognition is one of the best ways to keep our people focused, engaged, and productive. By appreciating each of them, we keep our entire group strong. Melissa is the latest of our colleagues to enjoy some time in the spotlight.

Leatha, 4th Dimension Innovative Marketing’s head of human resources, says, “Melissa has become such a key member of our team. She always has a positive attitude and a great work ethic. She is a people-person who knows how to make others feel comfortable. As an effective teacher of new hires, Melissa has the traits of a true leader.”

When we express our gratitude for people like Melissa, we adhere to these important guidelines:

” Consistency: When we recognize actions and behaviors, we applaud them in every case and in every person. This way, there is no doubt about what makes a successful team member.

” Clarity: To be even more straightforward, we are specific when we give feedback. Our people always know exactly what we value and why it’s so meaningful.

We are lucky to have Melissa with us, and can’t wait to see what she achieves next. Follow 4th Dimension Innovative Marketing on Twitter to stay up to date!

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