Reliable Ways to Impress During an Interview

Our continuing growth means we’ve been evaluating a variety of job candidates. When we interview potential additions to our team, there are a few things that always impress us. The following are behaviors that can boost anyone’s chances of getting hired at 4th Dimension Innovative Marketing:

• Sharing Clear Goals: We like to hear candidates talk about their career objectives and the visions of future success they’ve created. If they can tie their goals to key 4th Dimension Innovative Marketing values in meaningful ways, we’re even more impressed.

• Using Memorable Narratives: It’s one thing for a potential hire to explain his or her unique skills, but it’s especially memorable if someone frames talents in a compelling narrative. With a vivid story of how he or she applied specific abilities to solve tough challenges, we’re more likely to feel confident about making the hire.

• Asking for the Job: This may seem like an obvious thing to do, but it’s rarer than you might think. Any time an already impressive candidate explicitly states his or her interest in the position, we remember that person in a positive light. A genuine desire to join our team is as important as any collection of professional skills.

These are a few of the things we look and listen for when we gauge possible additions to the 4th Dimension Innovative Marketing team.

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