Our Team Nights Foster a Family Atmosphere

Our 4th Dimension Innovative Marketing team nights are major contributors to our ongoing success. Leatha, the head of our HR department, explained, “Our team outings help us build stronger bonds in relaxed settings. With tighter connections and streamlined teamwork, we’re able to deliver consistent wins for the companies we represent.”

For our most recent team night, we visited the home of one of our associates for a laid-back evening of fun and conversation. We played pool, ordered pizza, and listened to music as we discussed current and upcoming projects. Our discussions covered plenty of non-work topics as well, allowing us to learn a little more about each other’s unique traits.

Leatha remarked, “We feel like a family around the 4th Dimension Innovative Marketing office. One big reason for the supportive atmosphere we’ve created is the fact that we have genuine and fun relationships with our teammates. Getting together away from the demands of the workplace helps us continue refining our bonds.”

One of the best things about team nights is that they break down barriers between different departments. People gain fresh perspectives on their work when they have the chance to discuss it in a casual atmosphere. Team members get to learn more about each other’s roles and how they contribute to larger goals.

Getting together to have fun away from the office is an ideal way to set a team up for success. Follow 4th Dimension Innovative Marketing on Twitter for more of our best team-building tips.

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