The Traits We Emphasize When Hiring

As we interview potential additions to our team, we emphasize a few key traits that power lasting success. To find the best fits for our 4th Dimension Innovative Marketing culture, our hiring managers focus on the following qualities.

Enthusiasm is perhaps the easiest of these key traits to spot during an interview. We want to know that a person is genuinely excited about joining our team, which is usually displayed by how much he or she knows about us. If a candidate raves about our work, we know we’ve found someone who is serious about making a positive impact on 4th Dimension Innovative Marketing.

We also like to see curiosity from any potential hire. This trait comes through when people ask a lot of questions about how they can be successful working for our firm. The desire to learn as much as possible about our culture is certainly an attractive asset for anyone who wants to come on board.

A sense of humor is also something we look and listen for during every interview. If a candidate shows enough self-awareness not to take him or herself too seriously, we know we’ve found someone who’s likely to work toward improvement with a level-headed approach.

These traits stick out to us when we interview jobseekers. To find out more about our culture, follow us on Linkedin

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